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I’m Ashley, mother of three, wife, homeschooler, and blogger. We are Martimers (Nova Scotia) at heart living in the prairies of Saskatchewan. living in Canada.

I share tips for getting through the day, steps to getting the secular homeschool work and housework done. I am stumbling along just like the next person, I’m going to tell you when I screw up just the same as I do when I have found success.

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Our favorite part of the summer months is gardening. We love everything about it, even the hard work that is involved in getting it started. The hard part is usually left to Momma, but my kids are more than willing to eat the fruits, so to speak, of our labor. Kids are great at helping to harvest all the vegetables

Introducing your kids to gardening is a great way to introduce them to eating new vegetables, to sneak in some extra learning during the summer. As a homeschool family that takes summer off from formal lessons we like learning that doesn’t feel like learning, as the mom, I’m not worrying too much about the dreaded summer slide nor worrying about trying to get my kids to do “work” during the warm months when they would rather be outside playing.

What Gardening Learning Opportunities:

Planting your garden from seeds gives your child the opportunity to watch their vegetables grow from seeds to something that they can eat. And if you can start some seeds in a clear container you can teach your kids all about root systems, sun light, and greenhouse gardening, you know, all those science things. You don’t have to plant a garden in your yard, you can also try planting container gardens. Everything with the exception of the rhubarb can be grown in containers.

Make sure to talk to your kids about the importance of bees in your garden. Without bees nothing would grow. We try our hand at growing flowers each year too as a treat for the bees. 

Healthy Snacking:

My kids will walk into the garden and snack there all afternoon if I let them, tomatoes being their favorite fresh off the vine, we also like planting things that grow faster and produce editable faster, like herbs. I know herbs don’t sound like fun for kids, but when you add a theme to it like a pizza herb garden, it can be a lot of fun, and some delicious meals to look forward to. Making a pizza with ingredients fresh from your garden is like nothing you have ever tried before. 

Some herbs to try your hand at growing: chives, basil, parsley, oregano, thyme, and chives. 

Grow some tomatoes as well and with your own tomatoes and herbs you have everything to make your own homemade pizza sauce.

Between all the great foods you have grown in your garden, you can get your kids in the kitchen making some great pizza. A little more learning, and a little more fun all from gardening. 

Apart from getting your kids to eat great fresh, vegetables, gardening is great and educational for you and your kids. 

Plus, your kids are outside, away from the temptation of watching television, playing on their tablet or whatever their screen of choice may be. Just getting outside can be the battle, but once they are outside, they often don’t want to come back in. Or at least that seems to be how it comes for us.

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